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Digital Stock Photography
By Peter Emerson

The term “digital photographs” means photographs that can be viewed on a computer screen, mobile phones and Palmtops. Digital photographs have changed the way stock photographs are sold and distributed. Digital photographs are captured using a digital camera that is synchronized to a computer. Varieties of special effects are applied to digitally the formatted image. These photographs can be copied to CD’s, printed on paper, sent by e-mail or downloaded from a web site. Photographers submit these images to stock photo agencies or represent themselves by launching their own website. Digital Stock Photographs can be obtained directly from websites, stock photo agencies or directly from stock photographers. Digital stock photographs are widely used by advertisers, television commercials, web designers, calendars and greeting cards companies.

Digital stock photography is filed under different categories, so that photographs can be searched easily according to different categories. Digital stock photographs are most often of nature scenes, celebrities or wildlife, but the categories are virtually endless and the list is growing all the time. A customer can receive photographs by electronic delivery, thus reducing the delivery cost and time.



Some stock photography is free of copyrights, which means nobody owns the rights. Therefore, this kind of stock photography can be utilized for free by anyone for any purpose. They are not as in demand, though, as copyrighted works. Digital stock photography added new dimensions to stock photographs in the way that they are captured, displayed, marketed sold and distributed. The demand for digital photography is great and the future is bright.

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