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Chromadrop 1   100 Backdrops for  only  $ 24.99

Use Policy

Personal Use:
You may use the included images for your own personal use, combined with your own photos, rendered as artwork and published on the internet or  printed or your own personal works, for your own use or as works for sale without further encumbrance.

Professional Use:
3rd party photographers and graphic artists may use the included images in final works, combined with other graphics as long as the images on this CD would be considered 'background' material and not the main subject of the image.

No image on this CD may be redistributed in it's raw form, without being combined in a flattened manor (not as a seperate layer) in a final image.

In other words, don't share the background files as background files......

The background sizes are 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels (a couple are 3000 x 2000). All are in jpg format for easy manipulation in your favorite compositing software.

Included with the backdrops are several of our 'ChromaSweep' backdrops (bottom of this page). These innovative images are rendered out just like a sweep in a pro-studio. Click here for a sample.

You will receive the web browser run-able CD with each thumbnail linked to the full size image. You simply right click and 'save target as' to save the full size image to your drive for use (of course, on this web page the links are not active)


           (ChromaSweep)               (ChromaSweep)  
             (ChromaSweep)               (ChromaSweep)  
       (ChromaSweep) SAMPLE               (ChromaSweep)  
            (ChromaSweep)               (ChromaSweep)